Tips and Tricks to Run Safely and Comfortably with Your Gun

There is a wide perception that carrying a gun on your body while running is not only difficult uncomfortable but also risky and dangerous. Most people would agree with this misconception. But as you know there is always science or technique everything that we have to do you in our daily life. Similarly, the controversy in consideration can also be resolved with some tips and tricks. For many of you, it may be e essential to carry your weapon concealed on your body. Sometimes you may not be able to remove the weapon of value or running for sports for jogging for exercise or even taking a walk. Let me assure you that concealed weapon carry in any condition boil down to a good quality holster and the technique of caring it on your body.

Carrying While Running is a Safety Necessity

First of all, we need to ascertain that boy sharing a gun is essential for you while you are running. Let’s look at the situation of a Runner. He puts in all his energy into running hence making his body exhausted. The lack of energy in the body means that the runner will not be able to respond quickly and appropriately to any person who is attacking him. Secondly, a runner is always focused on the way ahead of him. Hence he will not focus most of the time on his surrounding making him an easy target who is not aware of his surroundings. Some of you may be wearing headphones and listening to loud music while you are running. The loud music makes you further disconnected from the environment and surroundings. All these factors can make you a victim of an attack from any person in the surroundings while you won’t be able to foresee or respond appropriately and quickly to the attack.

Carrying is the Only Real Defense

While you may stagger your route of running or jogging on daily basis to avoid being spotted on regular basis by the attackers, you cannot rule out the possibility of being targeted while you are focused on your daily routine of exercise. This is a critical consideration for women especially. Women, in general, are considered as easy e target especially while they are running. Lesser attacks have been observed against men as compared to women. Men and women combined can drastically reduce the ratio of attacks on them by carrying a gun. Having said that, carrying a gun while running is essential for security.

How to Carry Comfortably While Running

At this point we know for sure that carrying a concealed weapon is the right it and the only way of protecting yourself f against the possibility of an assault or attack during running. But the fact remains unknown as to how to carry a weapon in a comfortable and safe manner. For this, we simply cannot rely on the holster that we use in our daily routine other than running. We can achieve safety visit but we cannot achieve comfort. For running, we need a holster that not only holds the weapon snug fit and Secure but also the holster itself hold tight around your body frame and does not move here and there while you are running and moving around actively for longer stretches of time. The rigid and non-flexible holsters cannot fulfill the aforementioned criteria and will also check your comfort away due to the extra tension of belts and straps holding the holster to your body. Most of the runners prefer to wear elastic attire including pants and t-shirt for running. Only and Elastic holster with a suitable built-in detention system and accountable material on the inside for an easy and breathable group against your skin can be worn with such an attire. It will not only ensure the safety of a gun with a concealed carry but will also ensure comfort. Such holsters can be found in large numbers in the open market. One such good holster is mentioned here.


The Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster

Innovative is the name that we can grant to the Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster. This holster is simple yet very useful. It is elastic and wraps around your belly. It offers two separate compartments for use. Each can be used for magazines and holding a gun as per the side choice you make. Its available in different prices ranges between 5 to 40 USD based on the number of compartments available, the material used for manufacturing and the quality of stitching and seaming with the same concept and design in mind. Liris Belly Band Holster, made from the neoprene material that can be purchased online at about 18 USD is a perfect example of belly band holster for runners. The neoprene material is perfect for skin contact and features many properties. Bacteria growth remains in check and it stays cool and avoids heat and moisture. Keeping these properties in mind, the wet suits are made from it (just for reference). The holster is secured with the Velcro. It comes with spare compartments for ID and cash as well so that you don’t need to carry your wallet. It comes in a universal size that can fit a waist up to 45 inches. It can be adjusted as per the torso of the individual and can be worn low or high. The weapon storage compartment also comes in a universal size and can accommodate all the types and sizes of the handgun. The handgun is secured with a button snap with a strap that is removable. It is easy to wear, comfortable, and offers a quick draw of the weapon.

Why The Waist is Best

During running the upper and the lower body is always on the move. The Legs and thighs are doing all the running while the arms shoulders and upper a body moves to maintain the balance. In all the situation only the waist area is static or has lesser moments as compared to the upper and lower body. In this situation any holster other than the waist is impractical. One may think of using an ankle holster. But rest assured that during running these holsters will and tie or loosen up and move around because these are not designed for such endeavors. Ankle holster will not only provide this comfort but may also give you a rash on your skin. We strongly suggest and recommend using a belly holster but in the end, it is the personal liking of the individual. Keeping the pros and cons of each holster type you can select one for yourself for the purpose of running.


Drawing in Defense While Running

Victims have been sharing their stories of being attacked during running and all the stories have something in common. While maintaining focus on his exercise and mostly unaware of the surroundings is most commonly attack from behind. The attacker attempts to make them fall and try to control the victim and take advantage of the surprising rather shocking situation of the following victim. The victim may have got injuries and is in a state of mental shock so it becomes very difficult for the victim to react and retaliate. It is an ideal situation for the attacker to get whatever advantage he aims for. The victim is already handicapped is his movements are restricted and is unable to protect himself against the assault. This is is by far the most common lesson that you will learn from all the victims. In order to prepare for such situations only practicing this scenario would make you protect yourself in a better way when the time comes.

Running, Falling and Drawing Drills

There has been a drastic rise in attacks on runners in the past few years, especially against women. But luckily at the same time, all have come forward and studied these cases for drawing lessons out of it. You can find many people and organizations that can teach you both formal and informally how to tackle such situations in a better and professional way. Nevertheless, you can also practice the scenarios at home with a suitable partner. Wear the complete attire that you generally wear for running and equip yourself with the gun and holster that you would carry for running. At the same time make sure that all the safety is taken for the gun to avoid an accidental fire. Make sure to practice the scenario as close to the practical situation as possible. Ask your partner to attempt an attack against you and hold nothing back by attempting to subdue to you do while controlling your arms and legs and trying to take out your weapon and unarming you. Only practicing time in again will help you in the real situation. On the other hand, you can also sign up for classes to learn self-protection from professionals.


Tips for Practicing and Drawing

As we discussed earlier that the attacker will come from behind and try to make you fall down on your face. The foremost thing that a runner can do is to learn how to balance his body if tackled during running. Even if a runner Falls he or she must try to twist and roll rather than fall on face or stomach as it would stun you and take your mind into a state of shock. Making you mentally handicapped would offer more control to the attacker. Twisting and rolling would not only avoid injuries to your body but will also provide a good weight balance hands drawing your weapon quickly. Quickly react to the threat the moment you find out about it. Any delays in your reaction would give the attacker a better chance of undermining you. The sooner you react the better it is. You must practice how to counter-attack the person who is attacking you. Practice very hard on heating the sensitive areas of the attacker for example stomach face and most importantly the genital areas. The most damage that you can inflict on an attacker in self-defence is by hitting them in the genital areas as hard as you can. Learn how to draw your weapon from the concealed holster as soon as possible. Practice drawing your weapon from the holster while standing, while falling down, lying on your face or in any other possible position that you can imagine. Practice the sequence of drawing a weapon by raising your shirt, bending your arm had an appropriate angle, and drawing the weapon. Practice all this by only using one hand is your other hand may be injured or held by the attacker in a real situation. Practicing with one hand is very important as you may be using the other hand making defensive moves as well. So the practice should be e in such a way that you are trying to tackle the opponent with one hand while drawing the weapon with other hand.


Here is how we summarize what we discussed:
• Select a suitable weapon that you can carry and handle comfortably.
• Select a suitable concealed holster for the gun preferably a belly waist holster.
• Practice balancing your body if tackled during running and try not to fall on your face or stomach.
• Practice drawing your weapon from the holster with one hand in every imaginable compromise position.
• Practice in the real-time situation while running