The Absolute Concealed Carry Guide

The Absolute Concealed Carry Guide

I found in the Washington Examiner it’s an opinion piece by David Ford dated January 8th 2018 this guy said that over the holidays he was studying FBI data and things of that nature homicide rates in different states whatever and what he has come up with it doesn’t seem to make a difference where you reside what kind of state you could be in a very very gun friendly state and a state that’s very very very restrictive and guess what the homicide rate per person is going to be about the same he said there’s an absence of a correlation between gun ownership and gun crime in 2014 so you could you know you could be in the most restrictive state in the world and you’re gonna have numbers of homicides that are very very high but that then again it’s not gonna be much different than states that are very very friendly he gives a firearms murder rate his 2015 with the different states on the bottom and to explain what he’s talking about for instance Texas where any sane non felon can attend church on Sunday with a rifle strapped to his body and then carry it across the street into his local Starbucks without a permit please don’t do this he says had a nearly identical gun homicide rate as California where California such behavior would get you arrested instantly and perhaps sent to Gitmo or worse [Music] so similar pairings of disparate states can be found between restrictive Maryland and Georgia which is very friendly very restrictive Massachusetts and very permissive Utah and other Senate goes on and on and on so you can you can you can draw conclusions from all of this these laws that they implement in these crazy states they don’t work they do not work so they want to you know just keep making more laws more laws more laws more laws but they don’t work homicide rates are gonna be up there no matter what

Today we’re going into the four rules of gun safety.

Rule number one: treat every firearm as if it’s loaded. The reason that we do this is so that we learn to maintain a healthy level respect for the firearm no matter what situation we’re in. Imagine you’re at a range and somebody hands you a loaded weapon. Imagine the way your gonna set it down, the way you’re gonna hold it the way you’re going to holster it. That’s how we want to treat these weapons at all times so that we keep ourselves and others safe.

Rule number two: never point a firearm at anything you’re not willing to destroy. A firearm’s meant to destroy – not injure, not even warn. You need to go through training and practice, and whatever is on the other side of your barrel you’re willing to destroy. If you put your firearm at someone else, not only are they now in danger, but you’re also now perceived as a threat, and with a firearm this quickly escalates the situation, so you need to know through practice and training that if you put your firearm at someone, you’re ready to use it. One thing that we do see a lot with beginners, is that when handling a firearm, they may not be paying as close of attention as they should, they might accidentally be pointing it at people; whether they’re talking with friends, or maybe at the range. This is what we call flagging, so it’s something that we really want to watch out for, and really pay close attention to, to keep themselves and other people out of danger.

Rule number three: always be sure of your target and what’s beyond it. Not only do we want to know what we’re shooting at, but we also want to know what we could possibly hit. So if you engage with the target inside a building, you need to know what’s beyond certain walls. If you’re engaged in a concealed carry self-defense situation with the target, you need to know whether or not there’s an innocent bystander beyond them. You need to be aware of the entire situation and what you could possibly hit before ever discharging your firearm. This rule applies that you should have regular practice with whatever firearm you planning on using. Not only do you want to learn the effective range of your weapon, we also want to know the effective range of yourself that we can be sure you target and your accuracy.

Rule number four: keep your finger off the trigger until you’re on target and ready to fire. This is a huge safety step towards preventing misfires. In fact large majority of misfires occur because somebody had their finger on the trigger before they were ready to fire. To wrap it all up respect your firearm and the power that comes with it. Remember that you need to make responsible decisions, because when you pull that trigger, there’s no going back.

Deciding What To Carry

Lets talk about what I think are the five best guns for concealed carry we’re going to do this list in reverse order starting with

5.) working my way up to what I think is the best gun for concealed carry so here we go number five the smith and wesson j-frame I like J frames they’re simple they’re reliable they’re generally great guns the problem with J frames they sort of have a u-shaped utility curve so if you are never going to take a class never going to learn how to shoot never going to do anything with a gun other than by unloaded stick it in a sock drawer I think the jframe is probably the best choice for you because it is the easiest you put it on target and that’s how you get five shots out of it easy peasy lemon squeezy and then kind of in the middle where you’re trying to learn how to shoot well and become a good shooter jframe sort of fall-off in utility because J friends are really difficult to shoot well and then up here at the top end where you’re good at shooting you’re serious about becoming a good shooter and serious about employing the fundamentals of smart of marksmanship and a self-defense role J frames once again find their utility because you’ve mastered that long double action trigger pull you’ve mastered aiming these guns and you’re ready to apply them to their full potential

4.) a Glock 42 yes the 380 Glock and not the nine mil Glock I actually prefer this gun to the nine mil Glock and to most small single-stack nine millimeters for one reason it’s easier to get hits on target out of subcompact guns the terminal ballistics of manual are somewhat compromised they’re not compromised all the way down to the level of 380 but I prefer this gun because it’s easier to shoot well and it’s extremely easy to conceal you can make a Glock 42 disappear all in anyone regardless of their size

3.) Smith & Wesson M&P 9-millimeter now Smith & Wesson just came out with the new 2.0 M&P guns which all of the reports I’ve heard are they’re phenomenal and absolutely recommended I think the original and again the new 2.0 for two quarter inch 9 mil and then P is absolutely one of the top three carry guns on the planet it is reliable the new ones are accurate 80 is easy to shoot well it holds 17 rounds which is really not that big a gun and almost anyone can carry it concealed I think these are great guns I have nothing there’s nothing really bad about these guns the only thing that I change really on them is a mess around trigger a little bit picky and I replaced the sights

2.) the Gen 4 Glock 19 you need this had to be on the list somewhere and here it is nine-millimeter 15 rounds small enough to be easily concealed by any normal sized human being or even a midget like me the weapon of choice for the United States Special Operations community well the handgun of choice for them what’s not to like everything about it is great except for the factory size I mess around with the triggers a little bit because I don’t like the chin for trigger as much as I like the gen 3 trigger but again that’s all personal preference but now you’re probably thinking wait a minute the Glock 19 wasn’t

1.) what’s number one what could it possibly be here we go we’ve reached number one on my list of the best 5 guns for concealed carry and this is probably going to be a surprise to some people but it is the Sig Sauer p229 in nine-millimeter this gun is the same size as a Glock 19 meaning it is easy to conceal it holds the same number of rounds as a Glock 19 meaning it has plenty of ammo on board it is a little bit heavier it has an aluminum frame which I kind of sort of prefer a little bit it comes from the factory with night sights which are better than the Glock 19 and it is inherently better for my preferred method of concealed carry appendix carry because it has a hammer on it when you go to holster this gun at the appendix carry position you can place your thumb over the hammer and put it into your holster safely I love das a guns das a guns are great and I think this is the best example of a compact concealable das a gun on the planet Sig Sauer p229 in nine-millimeter is my number one choice for concealed carry

How to Conceal Carry

This is not a laws article you should look up the laws in your state and what’s applicable to you and where you live all this is is my tips for carrying concealed in a public place and the lifestyle that goes along with it so my 7-1 ensures that you have the right training this goes from everything from getting signed up with a reputable instructor the basic concealed carry course does not give you the training to carry a concealed weapon it gives you the license it will give you the laws the know-how to do so but you need to apply yourself and get the range time to be able to carry a concealed weapon so that if something happens within those three seconds you’re able to protect yourself and protect your family to the Blake some caliber collisions in town and there’s a car show they’re sponsoring so we’re going to go up to Jacksonville check out the car show this old J so there’s my camera man camera tick and then Giulio all right so we’re ahead now you’re coming so we couple I mean months ago we wrote an article about article about I’ll only be out of the house for 10 minutes guy was just going to go get some gas and are going to go pick up some food and didn’t think anything was you know I’m only going to be I’m only going out of house five minutes and that’s not a big deal leave my gun unfortunately you don’t have you don’t have control over when something’s going to happen you’re going to carry a concealed weapon you’re going to that’s going to be part of your lifestyle and the reason why is because the reason why is because you want to protect yourself across the family then it has to be all the time because you don’t get to choose when something is going to happen it typically it’s always like a an issue especially when people first start carrying guns they do carry a gun that’s too large because they’re used to like a very large handgun and they’re not comfortable with a smaller gun I’ve gotten you very used to the Glock 26 but the one thing that I do that helps is in the car I carry a Glock 19 mag with a magazine sleeve so I’ve got a full pistol grip to grab in case I need to grab it out of the car holster but when I go Foot mobile I switch out to the regular Glock 26 mag so that it’s a more easy to conceal so you don’t have this long pistol grip sticking out in your shirt it’s hot here I live in North Carolina it’s really hot you’re not wearing a flannel all year round you’re not wearing a big coat it’s just t-shirt and shorts all I do is before I get out of the car I changed magazines to the 26 put it in my holster and about   you see stereophonic song that was cool rad cars rad people might check them out and I look forward to working with those guys a lot more man really rad but now it’s about that time to get some more caffeine so I think we’re going to go to 4 C Java   so you have this urge to usually check your weapon just suppress the urge have the appropriate holster in the perfect year so to state in place on your hip and your belt line wherever you carry and eventually that urge will go away how you can help that is having you like firearms for you wearing the perfect clothes and price the next thing would be laws in your state now these vary by state some states are very similar but you really have to know the laws in that state here’s another kicker say that I am a handgun permit carry carry II in Florida and I travel from Florida to North Carolina I am held to the standard of the North Carolina laws make it really simple I think this website is USA carry calm I’ll put it in the link below but know what laws in what you can carry some states are concealed weapons some are just handgun there’s a lot of gun friendly stores Walmart for instance so our little friendly neighborhood Walmart we get groceries is I wouldn’t even say gun friendly I would just say   adjusting become another newbie thing if you’re not you’re scaring goes back to having the right equipment having right holster if you need to adjust don’t adjust in public okay preparing appeal speaking field go somewhere private and the justifier arm where you need to move it and then carry on by your day don’t just open all your stuff up and give everything away no adjusting public so clothing obviously is the consideration when you’re having to carry a firearm here in North Carolina obviously it’s very hot so shorts and t-shirts works but you have to have the right here in the right gun i’ll fiesta that enough the thing that you don’t want to walk around like is you just walked out of a tactical catalog I have two kids this medium combined but if you’re just a dad and or a normal guy going about your life then carry concealed blend it with your environment so the last thing is mindset having the appropriate mindset to be a person that is carrying concealed Russians you might be in a situation hopefully not and that’s part of the month house hopefully you’ll never situations life but that is the reality the reality is there could be a situation you do have to do that to protect yourself and your your family it’s not about being cool it’s not about being tough it’s only about protecting yourself and not being a big one some people think that there’s this an invisibility because they’re carrying gun and that’s simply not true and there’s other people out there that fill that respect it and our respect to everywhere you go the key is to avoid conflict as much as possible don’t make stupid decisions don’t go in bad areas if you’ve got one way that’s clear in one way is pretty sketchy why go down to sketchy way like don’t don’t go out there looking for a fight the goal is to avoid it at all cost and if you get to the point where you do have to protect yourself the decision was made back in training I think I can’t say that I hid training enough train strengthened more did I say training day I mentioned training once twice transom or train who’s more training proper gun and equipment and then train with not testifying your concealed carry ammo the ammo that you carry on a daily basis for personal protection not range ammo your actual ammo you can still carry on don’t adjust your firearm in public go to a private place you have to be consistent because the one time that you’re not that is when something’s going to happen know your firearms laws and then if you’re traveling know the laws of that state and then have the proper mindset the proper respect for the people around you in the area that you’re in well guys that’s it this time hope this helps like comment subscribe if you have questions put them in the comments

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