Hand Gun Home Safety

Hand Gun Home Safety

1. All Guns are always loaded. [Treat them that way]

2. Never let the muzzle cover [sweep] anything you are not willing to destroy.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

 4. Be sure of your target. [And what’s behind it]

Alright let’s unload this Glock 19 there we go perfectly safe right it was it we’re going to do a little article on gun safety we all need reminding of the basic rules of gun safety I think we can’t be reminded often enough and we can’t think about it often enough every time we get near one of these we have to have that foremost on our minds I have no ammo with me by the way these are some of the dummy rounds I drilled out I have them in this magazine so there’s no ammo in my pockets there’s no real ammo anywhere near these are the ones that I build the primer other work never was a primer I just loaded these cases without powder and then I actually drilled that out to just to could even put a primer and some dummy rounds there and nothing else anywhere ah this guns a no magazine it’s a toy gun old airsoft John from way way way back I talked a little bit about gun safety and the four basic rules of gun safety and I like to base on Cooper’s basic rules of gun safety these are generally attributed to him you know all guns are always loaded at least they should be treated that way never let the muzzle cover anything you’re not willing to destroy keep your fingers off the trigger to your sights are on the target and then of course be sure of your target I know what the bullet will do I have a parenthetical phrase there you know what the bullet will do if it’s a pail if the BB you know what’s it going to do BB’s will bounce sometimes whereas it might be safe to shoot a real gun at something BB would bounce back at you because they’re not led generally they’re metal so just different things like that so you know they say that the two loudest sounds are when you’re expecting a bang and you hear a click or when you’re expecting a click and you hear a bang you don’t want either one of those to happen you don’t want either one of those surprises you know ever think about that if you don’t quite understand what I said ok click that’s what you want to hear right all right all going to draw is loaded so what that means is you have to assume they’re loaded don’t you that’s the first rule of gun safety I like to see actions open when they’re on the table the thing that I like to do is exaggerate gun safety and because you’re not doing for just yourself it’s one thing for me to know that guns unloaded I mean I may be a hundred percent certain I know it is but I need other people that are walking around someone who walks up to know that if I’m at a skeet range with my shotgun that’s why you walk around skeet range or something you don’t have that shotgun broken open it doesn’t matter if you don’t even having it ammo left and you have that barrel filled with water I don’t know there’s nothing in it it doesn’t matter the people seeing you don’t know that so you want to exaggerate it demonstrate it go overboard with it uh okay so they’re always loaded that guns lying down you have to assume it pick it up check it carefully you see me doing this law I get comments people watch what I’m doing it’s like I’m I don’t have some some kind of obsession or something like to work slides well that’s part of the reason I want to make sure if there’s anything in there it gets picked up so and of course you want to look and eyeball it but you lay the gun down my basic rule is it’s loaded now if I take my hands off of it it’s loaded I’ve got to check it again if I like I lay it down and and I take my hands away I look away and do anything else they’ve guns loaded I check it in fact if I had my hand for a minute and I had been thinking about something else or talking somebody I want to check it again – all right so that guns loaded unless I see this not always the truth no matter where you see a gun you don’t put your finger on that trigger when you pick it up if you’re youngsters you have not gotten involved with real firearms yet and you’re reading these articles going to have some pretty young people that tuned into them you never put your finger on that trigger that guys could be loaded and it doesn’t matter if it’s load if you think about it they’re going to be hot with 14 15 rounds in it you can have a round in the chamber it is calm but if I pick it up and even if I violate some of the safety rules if I don’t put my finger on that trigger that gun will do nothing yeah it’s safe it’s not like a rattle it might bite me anyway I had to pull the trigger for it to fire so I assume it’s loaded then I don’t put my finger on that trigger alright number two never let the muscle cover anything you’re not willing to destroy how true how true this is of all part of just muzzle discipline as they call it not letting the mobile cover any part of your body or any place where you can’t shoot you know what I like to think of it as there is like a lightsaber or there’s a laser in there not just a laser sight I mean a laser that actually would cut say it cuts flesh maybe won’t cut that tree or anything but if I sweep my arm with it I’m going to get the airsoft either one doesn’t matter any ammo but if I sweep my arm it’s easy to do you know you let me put it back in the holster whoops I just sweat my hand so I like to assemble to cut my hand off there’s a laser coming out of that gun that we just cut my hand if a friend was standing over there the same thing he’d be cut you know so just take his arm off take my arm off take his head off whatever okay so try to get that into your head I think it might help to help me there’s a laser beam coming out of that barrel that will just cut human flesh you know slice it so keep that mobile one thing you see with some people on a range it should really worry you is this dangling business you’re out to the farm with friends or something same thing watch people they’re standing around the guns hanging down by the side like that that’s not good dangling is a really bad habit to get into you know I’ve seen people even you know pointing backwards like that it’s it’s it’s crazy I’m diving for the bushes I see somebody that put that gun out there pointed at least 45 degree angle you know into the dirt and you’re messing with it when I’m shooting here I try to keep the muzzle pointed into the hillside you know whatever I’m doing I haven’t done a formal I done a child safety thing I’m not done something like this I keep meaning to what I do mainly I try to do is demonstrate gun safety in every article just in the way I operate but I felt like we could probably justify addressing it so whatever you’re pointing at us– assume it’s going to hit it’s going to go off assume that’s going to go off on its own although it doesn’t do that lets you pull the trigger but assume it’s going to there’s a laser beam coming out of there so you don’t be pointing over that way people that way of people even upwards now sometimes people who’ve been in the military they have a habit of putting the gun upward I know in dipstick matches the things we have to kind of at least we used to I don’t know if they changing the rules or not but a lot of guys that came out of the military especially old school guys I think they’re taught to point upward and generally if you’re on a 14 million acre military reservation that’s pretty good way to do it but but generally if you’re on a private range or you know most places you need to have the gun pointed in the berm you know the people over there and howls over there and over that way so generally what that Mosel pointed into the dirt you know that’s kind of the rule of thumb and not sweeping as it’s called anybody not sweeping your feet not sweeping any part of your body alright so cover anything don’t let the muzzle cover anything you’re not willing to destroy keep your finger off the trigger to your sights on the target when you pick it up and the rate of shoot you know your fingers straight if you’re new to guns you know this is a sign of someone who knows guns you should have that finger locked just like right along the frame all right just like I have such a long finger I can kind of put mine against the frame a lot of people their fingers like right here so being straight might not be quite enough but my finger extends beyond the trigger guard so much it doesn’t really highlight there really bring it up here but but anyway lock straight that’s the main thing then as you go towards the target right here boom you know bring it out as you come back down that kind of action boom you know straight through that’s a sure sign of somebody that’s not experienced if they don’t have that habit of locking that trigger finger out see somebody pick up a gun if it goes right in that trigger guard it shows they’re there pretty much an amateur yeah you’re looking at a gun in a gun shop whatever is going you know the finger should be straight okay that’s key that’s key okay and then be sure your target because you know you just never know whether you’ve got a rock behind it you have something that’s going to ricochet you know woo weapon to the who knows where and you know where you’re shooting better than anybody else you know how much land you’re on and what’s behind you all that kind of thing we’re here I say this and shooting a steel but you know I know where all the ricochets are going to go I’ve covered that in other fa Q’s how it’s so so rare to get anything back you know you got shooting glasses on you’re safe as long as you’re far enough away from now you’re not going to see me stand down here seeing the steel I mean it’s suicidal but I think in IPSC USPSA you have to be eleven yards away cowboy shooting they get closer than that sometimes but generally shooting lighter stuff and it’s just lid but you seen the articles you know I like to be back when I’m doing that and have your glasses on so be sure what you’re shooting at as I mentioned here with the bb’s in shotgun pellets some people make a mistake with shotgun pellets because you shoot some things like a I don’t even a really hard dead tree or something it may not go in and make bounce back bowling pins bowling pins make great targets but you got to be careful you shoot them with a shotgun sometimes and you don’t wanna be too close sometimes a pellet will will come back at you if just as with a BB because they are really tough it’s very very tough plastic as you can imagine on there but these are the four basic rules of gun safety that Cooper touted and with good reason they work just make sure you don’t ever look at that gun as if it’s unloaded you got to pick it up and gotta check it if you’re authorized if you’re not authorized if you’re a young person you come across a firearm then maybe you’re dead or not gonna left lying around you just don’t touch it you just don’t touch it tell an adult and if it’s a gun you’re allowed to you’re authorized to touch same thing you’re going to check it pull the magazine out if it’s a semi-automatic and the round that gets people occasionally it’s the ones in the chamber that’s why I started the article with that because that gun is loaded to you check that chamber alright if you’re not safe you should be messing with the guns and if you think there’s something macho about not being safe that’s kind of like the macho idea of not wearing ear protection or glasses or something there’s nothing macho about that that doesn’t mean you’re tough overdue the safety and you can continue to enjoy the sport just like we’ve been able to do for decades and decades and decades so hope that’s useful you young people especially PLEASE live by those so you can cheat safely so hope that was useful and we’ll see you guys later


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