Best paddle holsters for 2021

Best paddle holsters for 2021

Although it looks like traditional on-the-belt holster a paddle holster secures itself with a paddle that slides inside your waistband. Once inside, it presses against your holster, creating a seal that’s entirely independent of your belt. Paddle holster gives a lot of options, particularly in comfort and attaching and removing your handgun; you can easily slide it around your body until you find a comfortable position. You don’t have to remove your belt to remove your holster

1. Fobus Standard Paddle Holster

Fobus Standard Holster develops this paddle holster for M&P 9mm or .40 handgun for the Israeli military. This model weighs only two ounces owing to its fully injected polymer. This model doesn’t require any cleaning tools except soap. The toughness of this paddle holster doesn’t hamper your draw The passive retentions is a perfect balance between security and ease of use.

Fobus Standard Paddle Holster
Fobus Standard Paddle Holster
Fobus Standard Paddle Holster


2. Blackhawk! Paddle Holster – CQC Serpa

Blackhawk’s Serpa line’s CQC paddle platform is designed to maximize retention and functionality for your handgun. The Auto-Lock retention system of this level 2 paddle holster doesn’t let its security get in the way of your draw. This model also comes with an adjustable passive retention screw as an added security, so you can easily find the most comfortable draw for you. You can turn the CQC into a shoulder holster, a drop-leg model, or simply something to fit on a MOLLE vest, all without buying (and learning) a new holster setup.

Blackhawk! Paddle Holster – CQC Serpa
Blackhawk! Paddle Holster – CQC Serpa
Blackhawk! Paddle Holster – CQC Serpa


3. Fobus 1911 Paddle Holster

Fobus 1911 paddle holster is specially tailored to meet the needs of fans of 1911 style handguns. It is made of standard injection-molded polymer and the design comfortably fits all full size 1911 handguns, as well as Kimber’s 3, 4, and 5 inch 1911‘s as well. The holster provides comfort, ease of use, and ease maintenance common in fobus products. The adjustable passive retention screw provides the perfect balance between retention on the draw and holding the handgun in place. This Fobus model is a great concealed-carry holster as well.

Fobus 1911 Paddle Holster
Fobus 1911 Paddle Holster
Galco Speed Paddle Holster


4. Galco Speed Paddle Holster

Galco’s speed paddle holster is ideally made for people who prefer a full-grain leather paddle holster. The holster is a great level 1 holster which secures your handgun with an adjustable passive retention school. The screw can be dialed up or down, depending on your preferences. The open-top design provides one of the quickest ways possible to draw and ready your firearm available on the market today.

Galco Speed Paddle Holster
Galco Speed Paddle Holster
Galco Speed Paddle Holster


5. Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Paddle Holster

The Kydex Open Top Hip Holster from Uncle Mike’s is a big name in holsters and tactical gear. The design has been improved by cutting down the lead edge. The open front offers the movement of muzzle forward even before its completely out of the holster. In addition to that, you’ve got all the basics of the best Kydex paddle holster, perfect for the range or for personal protection.

Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Paddle Holster
Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Paddle Holster
Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Paddle Holster

Best Paddle Holsters

You have a variety of holster alternatives if you’re planning to carry a tiny semi-automatic handgun or a double-action revolver. These can range from traditional open carry leather models on the belt to more esoteric IWB appendix carry or MOLLE vest style attachments. A paddle holster, on the other hand, would undoubtedly bridge the gap between utility and practicality.

Paddle holsters are a type of Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster that is convenient and easy to wear. While they are not as good for deep concealment as Inside the Waistband (IWB) concealed carry holsters, they are more comfortable and easier to use. To maximise safety and durability, the best paddle holsters are made of rigid materials and have a carefully designed exterior and belt clip. Buyers should look for holsters made of Kydex, which has been recommended by law enforcement agencies since the 1970s.

Kydex is used in high-quality paddle holsters because it is moulded to the exact outline of the handgun. A well-made paddle holster securely covers the trigger and keeps the gun in place even during strenuous physical activity like running or jumping. It is a surprisingly inexpensive material, but it is one of the best materials money can buy. For years, a paddle made of Kydex can remain tight and secure. Kydex protects the gun better and lasts longer, while remaining comfortable to wear. Leather-and-Kydex hybrid holsters are also available, but their leather components tend to stretch and wear out faster than Kydex.

What is a Paddle Holster?

If you don’t know, a paddle holster looks and feels like a traditional on-the-belt holster, however it secures itself with a paddle that slides inside your waistband. Once it is inside, it presses against your Holster, creating a seal that’s utterly independent of your belt. Because it isn’t attached to your belt, you can easily slide it around your body until you find a comfortable position, and you can remove your Holster without having to undo your belt.

We’ve included a few good examples of the best paddle holsters below, all from firms that cater to a variety of pistol models. Take a look at the options below to see if any of them could be the solution to your no-fuss handgun carry needs.

Materials used in a Paddle Holster

Leather, Kydex, nylon, and moulded plastic are the most common materials used to make paddle holsters today.

According to our research, each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. The features discovered that make these materials a good choice, as well as their pros and cons, are listed below.

  • Leather

According to Muddy River Tactical, leather is one of the most popular options and is a standard material for holsters. For many years, police and military have relied on leather for paddle holsters.


  • Kydex

Kydex is another popular material. This is used for building good-quality paddle holsters. The holsters made from this material are thin and lightweight. They are also in tune with different switchable attachments. This material is extremely robust and durable. The draws from this Holster are fast and consistent. The holsters made from this material don’t collapse.


  • Nylon

Nylon is another popular material that’s used for making paddle holsters. Nylon paddle holsters are also durable and strong. These holsters are also very comfortable to wear. They are popular because they are lightweight and inexpensive. Like other holsters, these are adjustable as well.


  • Moulded Plastic

Moulded Plastic is another popular choice of material for paddle holsters. The holsters made from this material are comfortable to wear. The main feature of this Holster is that these are waterproof and protect your weapon from rain and splashes of water. The holsters provide an excellent fit as well.



  1. Fobus Standard Paddle Holster

Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle Compatible with BRV Beretta Vertec, Taurus 92, 99 w rail, black
  • Maintenance Free - No need to oil, doesn't breath or sweat. Stands up to the most severe elements and can be washed out with soap and water.
  • Lifetime Warranty - All Fobus products carry a 100% Customer Satisfaction "no questions asked" policy.
  • For a Right Handed Shooter
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment system
  • Paddle Version- Attaches using a rubberized Paddle


Consider the Fobus Standard Holster for your M&P 9mm or.40 handgun, which was designed specifically for the Israeli military. The Fobus is a full injection polymer model that weighs only two ounces and cleans and breathes easily. Unlike leather or other holster materials, the Fobus only requires soap and water for cleaning.

This Holster is made to be comfortable, keeping your M&P near to your body and attaching to your jeans with a rubber paddle; everything close to your body is designed to give and move, while your holsters (and your pistol) stay solidly in place.

Of course, comfort isn’t much if paddle holsters aren’t going to perform.


Auspiciously, the Fobus Standard Holster is created to be as tough as possible without damaging your draw. The one-piece polymer body is manufactured to stand up to punishment and keep its firmness better than either leather or nylon models; even falling on your Holster isn’t going to hamper it or your handgun. Furthermore, you may rest assured that your paddle holster will keep your pistol as secure as you require, thanks to two key design features. The Fobus Paddle Holster only grips your M&P where the trigger guard meets the frame due to its form, which means there are less points of contact and thus less friction when you draw.


When you’re not sketching, the adjustable tension screw ensures that your passive retention maintains the ideal combination of security and use. According to the Fobus Paddle Holster review, you’re getting a good holster.


  1. BLACKHAWK Paddle Holster – CQC Serpa

BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Concealment Holster for Glock 19/23/32/36, Right Hand, Black
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release
  • Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
  • Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security
  • Includes belt loop and paddle platform
  • This holster will not fit polymer frame Taurus Judges


Like the rest of Blackhawk’s Serpa series, the CQC paddle platform is designed to maximize retention and functionality for your pistol. The CQC is a level 2 holster that, thanks to the Auto-Lock retention mechanism, doesn’t allow its security get in the way of your draw. When you slide your handgun into the Holster, the Auto Lock snaps down immediately, and drawing is as simple as extending your index finger and pressing a button.


This model also includes an adjustable passive retention screw for added security, allowing you to easily find the most comfortable draw for you. This model is ideal for people who aren’t sure whether they want a paddle or a belt holster; the CQC holster can be configured to any number of positions using Blackhawk’s Serpa system. Because of the three screw mounting system, it can not only be angled or moved anywhere on your belt like any other paddle holster, but the Holster itself can be screwed onto a different mounting system entirely. You can convert the CQC into a shoulder holster, a drop-leg model, or something that will fit on a MOLLE vest without purchasing (or learning) a new holster setup.


  1. Fobus 1911 Paddle Holster

Fobus 1911 Right Hand Roto Evolution Paddle with Rail Fits Up to 1 3/4" Belts Right-Hand Black Belt Holster
  • The holster is constructed for maximum comfort
  • Low profile design for concealment
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Fobus passive retention system acts like a spring on the trigger guard area and holds the gun firmly in place
  • Roto Paddle Version


Fobus has also created a holster for fans of 1911-style handguns. This design, made of their standard injection-moulded polymer, comfortably fits all full size 1911 handguns, as well as Kimber’s 3, 4, and 5 inch 1911s, providing the same low-profile and close body design as any of Fobus other models. This Holster, like their M&P model, is designed for comfort, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. The paddle portion of your Holster is made entirely of rubber and is secured to the rigid outer paddle by steel rivets, so there will be no uncomfortable digging into your skin or loss of strength where it matters with this paddle holster.


When you need to draw your 1911 style handgun, you’ll find that the adjustable passive retention screw allows you to tailor it to your specifications; this way, you can find your perfect balance between a comfortable amount of retention on your draw and holding your handgun in place. It’s an all-around solid design that can withstand a lot of abuse while also providing you with comfort in other areas. The Fobus 1911 holster has received generally positive feedback, with most reviewers echoing everything listed here. They say the Holster is comfortable, affordable, and provides a lot of retention for a passive retention only Holster.


There were a few minor complaints about the larger 1911 models being uncomfortable to draw; the combination of a larger handgun and a high-sitting holster made the draw slightly awkward. However, anything with a 4 inch barrel or less works perfectly for this model, making this Fobus a great concealed-carry holster.


  1. Galco Speed Paddle Holster

Fobus 1911 Right Hand Roto Evolution Paddle with Rail Fits Up to 1 3/4" Belts Right-Hand Black Belt Holster
  • The holster is constructed for maximum comfort
  • Low profile design for concealment
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Fobus passive retention system acts like a spring on the trigger guard area and holds the gun firmly in place
  • Roto Paddle Version


If you prefer a full-grain leather paddle holster, Galco’s Speed Paddle Holster will be much more to your liking.

This Holster is made of genuine saddle leather and functions as a great level 1 design, securing your handgun with only a passive retention screw that can be adjusted to your liking. The Galco Leather Paddle Holster, with its open-top design and passive retention system, is one of the quickest ways to draw and ready your firearm on the market today.


Of course, a good draw is useless if your Holster won’t stay in place; fortunately, the Galco Speed Paddle Holster’s polymer injected belt lock allows you to use both your paddle and your belt to keep your Holster firmly in place.


  1. Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Paddle Holster

Uncle Mike's Kydex Off-Duty and Concealment OT Hip Holster with PBA
  • Drawing is easier because the body's lead edge is cut down
  • Features an ultra-adjustable design, adjusting for rake and height to match your torso height and body shape
  • Rides close to the body at mid-level height; near-vertical rake for conventional behind-the-hip carry
  • Holster is soft, pliable, and features air vents for comfort and wearing ease; an excellent choice for both men and women
  • Fits belts up to 1-3/4"; comes with paddle and belt loop accessories


Uncle Mike’s Kydex Open Top Hip Holster is a big name in holsters and tactical gear, and it’s definitely worth considering. In addition to its Kydex body and straight-drop cant (both of which are great for quickly drawing your firearm), the Uncle Mike’s team decided to improve the design by shortening the lead edge.


This means that the front of your Holster will be slightly more open than on other holsters, allowing you to move your handgun’s muzzle forward even before you’ve completely cleared the Holster, shortening your draw time and allowing you to get your muzzle on target even faster. In addition, you have all of the fundamentals of the best Kydex paddle holster, ideal for the range or personal protection.

To find the right one for your handgun, consult the sizing chart.


  1. Comp – Tac Paddle Holster


Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could use the same Holster for competing and personal protection if you’re a competitive shooter? With the Comp-Tac Paddle holster, you get the best of both worlds: a waterproof, scratch-proof, and low-friction Kydex paddle holster that’s also IDPA and IPSC compliant.


Due to the combination of open-top design, straight drop cant, and passive retention, this straight drop model is designed to make drawing as quick as possible, making it ideal for drawing when seconds count.


It didn’t matter if you’re shooting competitively or defensively, the Comp-Tac Straight Drop Holster will provide you with one of the fastest draws you’ve ever had in a handgun every single time you use the Holster.


If you need to make quick draws, the Comp-Tac Holster will stay in place. This is due to two forward curving tabs that stabilise your Holster around your belt, giving you all the benefits of a belt-hooked holster combined with the ease of use of a paddle holster.


  1. Comp – Tac International Paddle Holster

Comp-Tac International Holster - Compatible with Glock 19 Gen5 - Right Hand - Black
  • All Kydex OWB Holster- Perfect for use in Competitive Shooting Sports
  • (3) Mount Options included- Belt Mount, Paddle Mount, Drop Offset Piece
  • Cant Adjustable
  • Belt Width Adjustable from 1.5" to 2.25"
  • Retention Adjustment- Allows Customer to Tighten or Loose Holster Hold on Firearm


If you prefer a more personalised paddle holster setup, you choose the Comp-Tac International Holster. This particular model of paddle holster is made of the same low-friction Kydex as the straight drop holster, allows for a more customised approach for the discerning customer. This alsoallows you to adjust the cant to either a straight drop or an FBI cant, and even possibly setting up your Holster for a cross-draw.


Furthermore, the pack includes a variety of other mounting options, such as a standard belt mount, a paddle holster mount, and even a drop offset to make your draws feel more natural.


  1. Safariland’s ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

Safariland 6378, ALS Concealment Paddle and Belt Loop Combo Holster, Right Hand
  • Safarilands ALS concealment paddle and belt loop combo holster is a concealment version of the Au
  • Once the weapon is holstered, it "locks" into place, providing an extra measure of security from
  • A simple straight up draw is possible once the ALS is de-activated by the thumb while obtaining
  • IDPA approved
  • The Model 6378 holster features an all new injection molded paddle design that is highly conceal


ALS has the convenience and security of a top-opening design. Your weapon is automatically secured as it is holstered, but it can be drawn naturally and easily with a swipe of the thumb release. The ALS is made of a nylon blend that will not scratch your firearm and is moisture resistant.


The Safariland Concealment Paddle is inexpensive and has received 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This Holster has been rated by over a thousand customers. This product was rated 5 stars by 81% of the reviewers.


  1. Concealment Express’ OWB Paddle Holster

Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster (Black) - Outside Waistband - Adjustable Cant & Posi-Click Retention - 100% US Made
  • OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND KYDEX PADDLE HOLSTER | Our minimalist OWB paddle holsters are designed to be worn comfortably outside the waistband with an untucked shirt for proper concealed carry. We use .08” KYDEX precision formed over our proprietary in house CAD designed & crafted Aluminum molds. This ensures unparalleled consistency, fit, quality, durability, lightness, comfort, & uniform features across all our holsters.
  • EXCLUSIVE HOLSTER FEATURES:Adjustable Cant (-5 to +20 Degrees) Adjustable 'Posi-Click' Retention - Hear a Satisfying Click when Holstered. Undercut Trigger Guard for ease of Draw. Over-cut Open-face to Accommodate Threaded Barrels. Accommodates Slide Mounted Optics/MOS/RMR/Red Dot Sights. Full Length Sweat Guard with Rear Sight Shield. Fiber-Reinforced Stealth Paddle. All Black Oxide Steel Hardware with Threadlock. Made 100% Start to Finish in the USA by Americans using All American Made
  • EXCLUSIVE HOLSTER FEATURES: Undercut Trigger Guard keeps the KYDEX from interfering with your draw. Over-Cut Open-Face accommodates Threaded Barrels and clears Suppressor Height Sights. Full length Sweat Guard & Rear Sight Shield to protect your weapon from sweat. Fiber Reinforced Stealth Belt Clip, so no one knows you are carrying. We utilize all Black Oxide Steel (Phillips) hardware with Threadlock, so you can easily make adjustments but never lose a screw.
  • ADJUSTABLE ‘POSI-CLICK’ RETENTION & CANT: When you holster your gun, you'll hear a satisfying ‘CLICK’ letting you know your weapon is securely holstered & won’t come out unless YOU want it to. Retention pressure is fully adjustable via the black oxide steel hardware forward of the trigger guard. Cant (or Carry Angle) is adjustable from -5 to +20 Degrees, allowing you to angle the holster perfectly for appendix (AIWB), strong side, behind the hip or cross draw carry positions.
  • 100% MADE IN USA - GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Our holsters are designed and built from start to finish in the USA by Americans on All US made Machinery & Equipment for a level of quality that is unparalleled. Our Quality & Durability is engineered into each holster from the start. Because of this, we guarantee that your holster will last you forever no matter what.


For those looking for a holster with adjustable cant and posi-click retention, the Concealment Express OWB is a highly rated, low-cost option. Precision Aluminium Moulds are made and designed in-house in the United States to ensure quality and a perfect fit for your weapon.


OWB conceals well and is comfortable to wear. It is intended to be worn high on the hip. The posi-click feature keeps the gun in place, and the click indicates that it is secure. The OWB is more expensive than comparable products, but it is still very affordable for the quality.



  1. MASC Premium Leather OWB Paddle Holster

Premium Leather OWB Paddle Revolver Holster with Open Top fits, Smith Wesson J-Frames 2"-2 1/4" Right Hand Draw, Brown Color #1056#
  • LXGF-115 TUGCE
  • TUGCE Made from Premium Genuine Leather. Hand-made molding for perfect fit. Open top for fast drawing. High concealment. Adjustable tension screw for customized retention. Sight rail space to protect the leather and muzzle sight. Has a moving polymer paddle to adjust the carrying angle.Using 2 screws on the polymer paddle the holster can be easily switc between horizontal and vertical stances.
  • Paddle design makes it easy to put on and off. May be used with or without a belt. Fits up to 4.5 – 5 cm belts.


The finest quality leather was used to handcraft this elegantly designed Masc holster. Masc is more expensive than its competitors, but it has garnered worldwide attention for its high quality and innovative design. Reviewers praised the product’s quality, comfort, and classic leather appearance.


The Holster’s wall thickness retains its strength and durability for years. The leather is chemical-free, and all non-leather accessories are made of high-quality materials that are safe for the gun, clothing, and skin.




When the paddle holster fits snugly against your hip, you’ve found the best paddle holster for your concealed weapon. The smooth surface is soft against your skin. Regardless of how you move, the Holster secures your firearm. Whether you are a civilian or a law enforcement officer, selecting a paddle holster requires research into the best materials and design.


Certain characteristics are required when looking for a holster that will be comfortable, sturdy, and provide discreet protection for your sidearm. SOFREP Military Grade Company deconstructs the essential features of a high-quality holster. One of the most useful features is the ease with which the Holster can be removed. Paddle holsters are an excellent choice because they can be concealed and carried while wearing outerwear. In fact, paddle holsters that ride higher on the body and carry a smaller gun can be hidden beneath a tee shirt. The paddle is the key to a good holster. The Holster is attached to your waistband in this manner. This system determines how securely your sidearm remains attached to your body. The paddle is critical in that it must be durable and of high quality. This ensures that your weapon is secure and ready to be accessed quickly and easily.


Fit and gun retention are also important considerations. The Holster should be rigid enough to hold a single pistol securely against your body while you go about your daily business. High-end plastic holsters have retention shells that were created from a mould of your firearm. These are more expensive, but they fit perfectly.

The material from which your Holster is made will have advantages and disadvantages. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the production materials when deciding which Holster is best for your needs.