Best glock 22 holster review, price, Buying Guide

Best Holsters For Glock 22

Holsters help us to conceal and carry our weapons. The Glock 22 is a popular handgun that is used by a number of people in the United States Of America.

We’ve gathered and distilled what we believe to be the best Glock 22 holsters on the market after conducting extensive research and drawing on hands-on, other shooter’s experience, online forums, and other evaluations.As always, despite manufacturer endorsements/claims, neither we nor anyone else can guarantee that a particular holster will be perfect for your needs 100 percent of the time.

We strive to deliver the finest of the best, decreasing your margin for error as much as possible.Your experience with the holster over time, at least a month, but hopefully the lifespan of the product, evolution of your shooting style, and change of needs will be the ultimate test of how well it works for you.To continue, and to clarify a bit more, we’ve tried to describe the spectrum of CCW carry modes appropriate to the Glock 22 as concealed carry with the holsters we’ve shown.

This is important to note because finding the ideal carry mode is one of the essentials you must consider while determining what will be your best holster.As a side note, except for shooters of tall and built stature, pocket-carry or concealed-carry-ankle mode are considered out of scope for this review and are removed for obvious reasons to owners of Glock 22s or equivalent full-size pistols.

Choosing a Holster

  • Safety — A well-designed holster will protect the handgun during holster insertion and removal, as well as while it is being carried, by preventing three things: unintentional trigger movement, accidental disengagement of the safety system, and forward or backward movement of the hammer.
  • Retention — a holster that is constructed with retention in mind will help prevent a pistol from being removed from the holster by anyone other than the person who is wearing it. To this aim, modern duty holsters include many covert retention systems. Retentive holsters are frequently custom-made for a specific pistol model.
  • Concealment — it’s generally preferable not to make other people aware that you’re armed. A well-designed and worn holster can make a gun almost unnoticeable. Almost all concealing holsters are made to be worn with a covering garment that is part of the wearer’s daily clothing.
  • Comfort — the ability to wear a gun for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable.
  • Finish — A well-made holster should not snag a firearm or abrade its finish unduly.
  • Draw ease — practical shooting holsters allow a gun to be presented quickly, but in concealed carry, drawing ease is frequently reduced.
  • Durability – It refers to a product’s capacity to survive abuse and long-term use without mechanical breakdown or performance degradation.
  • Rebolstering ease — a hard holster may be rebolstered with one hand, whereas a flexible holster may collapse once the gun is drawn, requiring both hands to reholster.
  • Adjustability – a holster that allows you to alter the cant and location of your gun can help with both comfort and concealment.
  • Modern holsters for a normal handgun range in price from $20 to $200. Some users will want various holster types for each gun, while others would want a generic holster to carry a variety of guns.



  1. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster for Concealed Carry - Custom Fit to Your Gun (Select Pistol Size) - Right or Left Hand - Full Cant and Ride Height Adjustable - Made in The USA
  • Custom fit to your specific pistol to ensure for proper fitment and retention. Select your pistol for correct size!
  • Fully Adjustable: Get the ride height and cant exactly the way you want it all without any tools! Allows you to carry the way you want to! Can also adjust the retention by simply tightening the screws!
  • Conceal in Comfort: Soft neoprene backing that is flexible to move and form to your body while retaining shape for reholstering! The material is sweat-wicking while being breathable to reduce irritation when wearing the holster for extended periods of time!
  • Simplicity at its Finest: Very simple design where it counts without sacrificing the quality of the materials or the comfort in all of our products!
  • Made right here in the USA, insuring the use of high quality materials and hardworking American craftsmanship where we stand behind our Iron Clad program to insure you have a holster for life after a 30 day test drive!

Cloak Tuck3.0 from Alien Gear embodies a number of key features. However, when it comes to the Glock 22, the ability to carry concealed and in comfort to the point of forgetting you’re carrying makes this holster the clear winner. This also makes this holster our top choice among the Glock 22 holsters.

Any love handle type impediments could potentially reduce the Cloak Tuck 3.0’s comfort in usage, or, more importantly, its functionality.

This may appear insignificant, or as a reason to adjust your food and exercise routine, which is OK. However, based on how you are currently, we propose that you buy the holster that allows you to function at your best.There is no point in buying a holster that will be ideal for a body you want to acquire in six months but does not currently exist.


Reasons to Buy This Holster

Carrying a full-size Glock 22, loaded, in comfort while oblivious to the fact that you’re carrying it is no easy task. Alien Gear has made this concept a reality.

With this in mind, we recommend the Cloak Tuck 3.0 to most shooters who, for example, need to be up on their feet for long periods of time and prefer IWB concealment over OWB concealment.The Cloak Tuck 3.0 meets each of these requirements, and the holster that results is a game changer.

While the Cloak Tuck’s comfort is something you’ll probably hear a lot about, as mentioned above, no holster can be a one-size-fits-all solution, therefore your holster of choice should be put on in the flesh (and worn day-in-day out for a month IMHO).

Because your holster is an integral part of the weapon system that includes it, you, and your weapon, its functionality is vital. Considerations of how fabulously comfy a holster is irrelevant if your draw is obstructed/ hindered by ‘love handles.’

This, or any other 4 / 5 o’clock carry designated holster, will not give the best solution for anyone who intends to carry / draw their Glock 22 from a seated position.




Main Features

Lightweight composite-construction holster, with a design that has been refined over a number of years since it was first presented in 2013.

The 3.0 adds to the already well-proven, field-tested holster’s list of features, including certain improvements over the previous version.The stainless spring-steel core of the 3.0 holster replaces the ABS plastic used in the 2.0. The bulk of body-side metal nut heads are concealed by the neoprene base, which is another feature and refinement of the 3.0. Despite the availability of black steel, the 3.0 suggested standard-nylon clips are more than capable of keeping the holster in place.As previously mentioned, a crucial aspect of the 3.0 is that the holster comes with not only the rig you get when you buy it, but also free shell exchanges for life, so you can use it with different model handguns you buy later. The included screw and washer kit allows for user-adjustment of holster riding height and can’t, as well as retention strength.Another feature, andfurtherrefinement, by the 3.0 is the concealment of themajorityof body-side metal nut heads by the neoprene base. Although black steel is available, the 3.0 recommended standard-nylon clips, more than capably ensure the holster stays in-place.The stainless spring-steel core of the 3.0 holster replaces the ABS plastic used in the 2.0. The bulk of body-side metal nut heads are concealed by the neoprene base, which is another feature and refinement of the 3.0. Despite the availability of black steel, the 3.0 suggested standard-nylon clips are more than capable of keeping the holster in place. As previously mentioned, a crucial aspect of the 3.0 is that the holster comes with not only the rig you get when you buy it, but also free shell exchanges for life, so you can use it with different model handguns you buy later. The included screw and washer kit allows for user-adjustment of holster riding height and can’t, as well as retention strength. Beyond the apparent, some advantages of this holster include the assurance of a holster that has previously been thoroughly tested by a large user group in the field due to its success, i.e. popularity, proliferation, (as well as design development).

The main feature of this holster, namely the ease in usage for EDC / extended hours wear, is likely the most readily appreciated.


If you’re new to handgun holsters, the issue (and helpful worth) of holster clips may seem insignificant; yet, they can make or break otherwise good holsters.The 3.0 nylon clips are strong and reliable, resolving a typical problem associated with lower-quality holsters: the holstered weapon roaming around your waist.

This eliminates the nuisance, but more importantly, it allows you to use your sidearm in the intended way, i.e. carrying with effective concealment and drawing your weapon quickly. Beyond fundamental rigidity, the innovative stainless spring-steel core guarantees that the adjustable retention feature has a solid foundation to build on. This is especially useful for shooters who use their guns frequently.


Our Verdict

As previously stated, we recommend the AG Cloak Tuck 3.0 for most users who want to conceal-carry a Glock 22, expect to be on their feet a lot, and need the IWB’s superior conceal-ability performance.

The qualities of the AG Cloak Tuck 3.0 will assist civilian EDC or LEO / Security operatives who require the 3.0’s specific strengths just as effectively. Apart from the maximum comfort, Alien Gear’s unparalleled guarantee, which includes a 30-day free test drive, lifetime free shell-trades, and a lifelong warranty, distinguishes this holster from the pack.

If nothing else, the warranty’s added assurance should spark your interest enough to seek one out and give it a shot.


  • Unbeatable ease of use belies the fact that one is carrying a pistol, much alone one as hefty as the Glock 22.
  • There is no need for a break-in period.
  • Shell is made of a proprietary thermo-elastomer that was specifically designed for the Glock 22.
  • Ride height and cant angle are both adjustable.
  • On the same stainless spring-steel / neoprene / ballistic nylon basis, holster shells can be totally swapped to fit other pistols.
  • 30 day ‘trial period,’ lifetime free shells, and a lifetime warranty
  • With a stainless spring steel core, the retention can be adjusted.


  • The ‘love handles may restrict the draw / re-holstering for big-built owners, and the holster ride is tighter on the body than OWB holsters.
  • Similarly, to comfortably accommodate the holster and pistol, the wearer must acquire additional larger size pants.
  • While the holster’s relatively large surface area helps to spread the burden of a heavy full-size pistol, it may cause some users to feel hot.


  1. The Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster

BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Concealment Holster for Glock 19/23/32/36, Right Hand, Black
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release
  • Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
  • Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security
  • Includes belt loop and paddle platform
  • This holster will not fit polymer frame Taurus Judges

This holster is advertised as having level 2 retention with Blackhawk Auto LockTM, however it would be a small exaggeration to say that the Blackhawk Serpa CQC’s active release / retention is the heart around which this holster is created.

The CQC shell is made of carbon fibre, which is lighter and more durable than Blackhawk’s polymer plastic Sportster holster. Another advantage of the Serpa CQC holster over the Serpa Sportster is that it comes with both belt loop and paddle attachment options as standard.Although the holster is typically sold in matte black, it is also available in tan, green, and olive drab colours. A strong element of the CQC, like many other OWB holsters, is easy, quick single-handed re-holstering, which could imply a preference for LEO / security sphere users.But, in the end, it comes down to how you appraise the context of usage and how you require things to work.

The CQC is a good bet for anyone looking to carry a Glock 22 covertly, especially if they have the option of dressing to the CQC’s strengths, which will help it conceal better than IWB mode holsters.


Main Features

In comparison to IWB, the opposite side of this feature is, in a word, convenience. Similarly, when it comes to attachment techniques, especially the paddle option, putting the holster on and getting it off is a breeze. When wearing the CQC at 5 o’clock and intended to seat in a vehicle, the paddle allows for quick, on-the-fly adjustments.If you’ve come here for this reason, you might want to look into the finest concealed car holsters.


For owners of classic paddle holsters, the usefulness of this will be obvious, as the only option is to grit your teeth and bear the discomfort, or de-belt, take your weapon out, and store it in the glove box.Similarly, if your job requires you to remove a sidearm in order to enter any restricted security facilities, like as a courthouse, removal and reattachment with the CQC is a simple and painless process.In a different vein, but also related to convenience, if you find that the CQC delivers the functionality you require, it will do so without requiring you to purchase an additional wardrobe of pants tailored to fit a holstered Glock 22 within your waistband.In a related line, if you find that the CQC provides the capabilities you desire, you won’t have to buy an additional wardrobe of pants made to fit a holstered Glock 22 within your waistband.

The Auto LockTM will only disengage if the retention button is touched prior to making any move to draw, and even then, it may bite on the Glock if not drawn in a well-practiced linear motion.

Our Verdict

Most users who want to carry their Glock 22 covertly should go for the Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment holster, as long as they can live with the OWB’s somewhat worse concealability performance.Similarly, we’d recommend this holster to folks who value the versatility and simplicity of the two provided attachment options for various types of circumstances.

This is a subjective judgement, and only you can decide what you’re prepared to give up in one area in order to gain in another to fit your needs, such as civilian EDC.


This holster, in my opinion, leans toward the LEO / security realms, where absolute concealment isn’t always a need, but, as always, YMMV.The Serpa CQC’s primary distinguishing features are the attachment flexibility (beyond the two discussed above, including Blackhawk shoulder, S.T.R.I.K.E., rapid disconnect, and tactical holster Platforms), but most importantly, the Auto LockTM release button.

This is why, in my opinion, this holster should only be recommended to those who have prior experience with LEO / security / military handgun training, or who are willing to invest the effort and time required with an expert instructor to burn-in a commensurate level of muscle memory and index finger / trigger guard discipline.


  • Retention at the second level The Auto LockTM mechanism eliminates the possibility of a malevolent individual secretly removing the handgun.
  • Belt loops and paddle attachment options are included for a more secure, better disguised, or more convenient removal / reattachment.
  • Shell made of carbon fibre and built specifically for the Glock 22.
  • Ride height and can’t angle are both adjustable.
  • Unlike natural materials such as leather and suede, which are harmed by moisture and humidity, synthetic holsters are not affected.
  • When re-holstering, there is an audible positive click.
  • Passive retention screw that may be adjusted.


  • In comparison to IWB holsters, it has a worse concealability rating.
  • In the most extreme circumstances, equipment with a low tolerance for contamination from dirt, dust, mud, and other contaminants may be rendered useless.
  • According to reports, certain users may be at a higher risk of developing ND.


  1. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster (Black) - Inside Waistband - Adj. Cant & Posi-Click Retention - Claw Compatible - 100% US Made
  • INSIDE THE WAISTBAND KYDEX HOLSTER | Our minimalist IWB holsters are designed to be worn comfortably inside the waistband with an untucked shirt for proper concealed carry. We use .08” KYDEX precision formed over our proprietary in house CAD designed and crafted Aluminum molds. This ensures unparalleled consistency, fit, quality, durability, lightness, comfort, & uniform features across all of our holsters.
  • EXCLUSIVE HOLSTER FEATURES: Undercut Trigger Guard keeps the KYDEX from interfering with your draw. Over-Cut Open-Face accommodates Threaded Barrels and clears Suppressor Height Sights. Full length Sweat Guard & Rear Sight Shield to protect your weapon from sweat. Fiber Reinforced Stealth Belt Clip, so no one knows you are carrying. We utilize all Black Oxide Steel (Phillips) hardware with Threadlock, so you can easily make adjustments but never lose a screw.
  • ADJUSTABLE ‘POSI-CLICK’ RETENTION & CANT: When you holster your gun, you'll hear a satisfying ‘CLICK’ letting you know your weapon is securely holstered & won’t come out unless YOU want it to. Retention pressure is fully adjustable via the black oxide steel hardware forward of the trigger guard. Cant (or Carry Angle) is adjustable from -5 to +20 Degrees, allowing you to angle the holster perfectly for appendix (AIWB), strong side, behind the hip or cross draw carry positions.
  • CLAW COMPATIBLE - ELIMINATES PRINTING: Our IWB Holster is now Claw Compatible. Our optional Claw Kit cleverly eliminates printing forever by utilizing your belt to angle the butt of your weapon in towards your body. This effectively makes your weapon disappear inside your belt line.
  • 100% MADE IN USA - GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Our holsters are designed and built from start to finish in the USA by Americans on All US made Machinery & Equipment for a level of quality that is unparalleled. Our Quality & Durability is engineered into each holster from the start. Because of this, we guarantee that your holster will last you forever no matter what.

The ABS plastic clasp on the Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster is one of my favourites. Like the majority of people, I believe that a purpose-made gun belt with a holster should be worn at all times to complete the weapon-carry system. However, the clip on the CE IWB holster works so effectively that you may use it even if you don’t have this critical component.

Main Features

As previously stated, the clip has changeable angle settings, allowing for a full 15 degree ‘FBI’ can’t in the 4 or 5 o’clock position, as well as a ‘zero’ degree can’t for appendix AIWB carry. The single Kydex sheet structure that Concealment Express continues up to make a full sweat guard is another feature I really like.The Concealment Express IWB holster’s compact form has several advantages, including concealability, lack of / minimal printing to onlookers, and the ability to carry a full-size pistol like a Glock 22 in the appendix without transforming into a mediaeval instrument of torture against the wearer when assuming a sitting position.

The clip, which is tied to the holster’s overall compact simple design, brings the whole package together, resulting in a highly adaptable, extremely concealable holster at a price that belies what you get functionally for your money.Beyond its claimed goal of sheltering the weapon from your perspiration, Concealment Express’ Kydex complete sweat-guard is what makes appendix carry a viable option for me. While my stomach isn’t out of control, I’m not going to be Adam Scott’s body double anytime soon.The entire sweat-guard on his holster gives me just enough direction, for lack of a better description, to allow me to draw / re-holster without catching myself between steel and Kydex and injuring myself.

Our Verdict

To sum it up, the Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster will appeal to shooters from a variety of backgrounds, places, and modes of operation. We discussed some of the clip’s advantages in terms of the IWB positions it offers before.

However, similar to the paddle option on the Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster, the clip on this holster works quite well from a convenience standpoint.

When in use, the clip keeps the holster in place when you need it to, but you can quickly remove and reattach it for any purpose.As a result, we think this holster would be a good fit for the LEO / security user groups mentioned above for the CQC, but with better IWB concealment, including, crucially, appendix carry IWB.

While we’ve put this holster in the budget-option category, what sets it apart from the pack is its pared-down, small form-factor, combined with the adaptability it provides in use.Realistically, this holster cannot compete with the AG Cloak Tuck 3.0 in terms of comfort; nevertheless, for concealability and appendix carry, this holster would be my first choice of the three.


  • Full variety of IWB positions on waist, including AIWB, are possible because to the compact simple design.
  • Glock 22 & Glock 17, 31 compatible 0.8″ Kydex shell with no break-in period


  • Cant angle is adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees.
  • Adjustable Lifetime warranty on the Posi-Click audible retention lock mechanism
  • Full-coverage sweat shield


  • Because the clip is made of ABS plastic rather than metal, it may be less robust in the harshest conditions.
  • As with all IWB holsters, the shooter must purchase over-sized pants in order for the holstered firearm to fit comfortably within the waistband of the pants.
  • Some holster owners have reported receiving holsters with a rough finish around the holster edge.


  1. Galco Classic Lite 2.0 RH Shoulder Holster

Galco Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System, Springfield XD-S, RH - CL662
  • Premium Center Cut Steerhide
  • Horizontal gun carry
  • Vertical single magazine carrier with secure flaps for autos
  • Double dump pouch for revolvers
  • Comfortable medium-width harness with swiveling Flexalon backplate

The Galco Classic Lite 2.0 has a slightly broader harness than the Miami Classic, which it replaces.

Similarly, the spare magazine carrier is turned 90 degrees to a horizontal position and no longer uses snap-covers, as opposed to the prior design (now employing passive screw-adjustable retention).Instead of the less convenient, under a jacket / shirt, suede or steer hide, which tends to stick more against the material, choose the Classic lite smooth surface full grain leather.

Main Features

As one would expect from a beautiful handcrafted holster of this calibre, the holster and magazine construction is sewn rather than riveted. The location of the weapon and mags higher, in common with shoulder holsters in general (environmental temperature conditions permitting), allows user movement exposing the waist with no accompanying risk of compromising your carry.Some of the advantages of this holster include the ability to draw quickly and naturally from a seated position, such as at a desk, on a motorcycle, or from within a car, even while wearing a seatbelt.

Access to extra magazines is also ideal, requiring only a grasp with your hand on the mag and a pull away from the passive retention.It’s also a good feature of the Classic Lite because if you need to put on the holster quickly, it’s a very easy and natural motion to lift the rig swiftly over one’s shoulders and depart.

Another advantage of this holster, as banal as it may sound, is that when worn for long periods of time, you don’t have to remove your holster or firearm to go to the bathroom.

Our Verdict

Finally, the Galco Classic Lite Shoulder Holster has a strong suit that qualifies it as the greatest concealed carry holster under certain conditions.The great *comfort of the holster once broken-in (*critical with a full-size weapon like the Glock 22) is one of the strong qualities. Similarly, the functional advantages of shoulder-mounted horizontal drawing & re-drawing from sitting positions such as behind a desk, in / on various types of motor vehicles, successfully obviate seat belt hindrance difficulties once broken-in.

Taking these aspects into account, the holster’s uses are very broad, not confined to LEO / security / military, but also ideal for a large number of civilian EDCGlock 22 owners.

The combination of the advantages of an innately well-designed shoulder format holster, the well thought out and implemented design refinements, and finally, the impressive craftsmanship of the holster’s construction in person is what makes the Galco Classic lite different, and in my opinion, worth the higher price tag.


  • Spider-harness made of full grain leather with a swivelling FlexalonTM back plate for maximum comfort.
  • Glock 17, 22, and 31 holster made from premium steerhide.
  • It’s possible to change the angle of the cant to fine-tune concealment.
  • Open front spare magazine carrier made of premium steerhide
  • A horizontal mag carrier enables for easier access and more natural reloading motion.
  • Right- and left-hand models are available.


  • To attain maximum functioning and comfort, natural material construction takes a break-in period.
  • To ensure concealment, a second layer such as a jacket or shirt is required; however, hot weather conditions may prevent use.



A handgun holster is a mechanism that holds or restricts the unintentional movement of a handgun, usually in a spot where it can be quickly removed for use. Holsters are frequently attached to a belt or waistline, although they can also be affixed to other body parts (e.g., the ankle holster). The degree to which holsters secure or protect the handgun varies.A strap across the top of some holsters for law enforcement officers keeps the pistol from falling out of the holster or making it tougher for someone else to take it. A flap over the top of some holsters protects the gun from the elements.From simple leather pouches hanging from a belt to highly protective holsters with flaps that cover the entire handgun to highly adjustable competition holsters that hold the handgun in a precise position and release instantly when activated, holster designs for firearms cover a wide range of shapes, materials, and retention/release mechanisms.The large variety of types reflects the wide range of situations in which holsters are employed, as well as the users’ diverse preferences.

Duty holsters are worn by uniformed law enforcement and peace officers, as well as security personnel; tactical holsters are worn by military, security, and law enforcement personnel in specific situations; concealment holsters are worn by plainclothes peace officers and private individuals; and sporting holsters are worn for shooting sports and hunting.

Our final opinions on these Glock 22 concealed carry holster alternatives.

You declare to the world as a Glock 22 owner, whether consciously or unconsciously, that you don’t just follow the herd, but seek quality and comfort.Only a full-size pistol can provide the best blend of capacity, power, ergonomics, and handling. Because you take these matters seriously, we should treat the question of “which holster” with the same seriousness.We chose the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 as our top selection because of its comfort when carrying a Glock 22, as well as its IWB credentials, which provide excellent concealment for the vast majority of Glock 22 owners.

The built-in 30-day test drive (as part of Alien Gear’s iron-clad triple warranty) makes trying it out a no-brainer, and it’s the first holster that comes to mind when someone asks me for a concealed carry (CCW) holster.