Best Cowboy boot Holsters

Are you a hardworking officer of the law but still searching for the best place to conceal your small handgun? Even though a drop-leg holster or a shoulder rig might be good options but nothing can better hide it than an ankle or boot holster. These are wrapped around the boot or ankle of the user’s body, hidden from plain sight; specially designed to offer protection to the handgun as well as to the wearer by securing its proper retention, and also granting easy access for fast implementation to match the individual need of the user. Ankle holsters offer an extra concealment benefit apart from the previously mentioned features of an efficient holster. Moreover, depending on the varying purpose of different users, holsters are particularly designed to fit a specific firearm.

Nowadays these boots have gained quite popularity from people of law enforcement. These are favored for their practicality. Your enemy will face a hard time guessing the gun is actually hidden at your ankles underneath the pant flaps. This place is more suited for carrying a secondary weapon as agreed by many police officers. For ankle holsters, the non-dominant leg should be used.

The boot holster falls under the same category as ankle holsters but these are definitely the more preferable choice. These boots are designed as any normal boots that can be used for hunting, biking, or just for fashion purposes. So, it just camouflages with your everyday attire. Given below are a few of the top cowboy boot holsters for you to choose from.

List of Best Cowboy boot holsters

1. Daltech Force SafestCarry Boot Ankle Holster

Daltech Force Safestcarry Boot Wrap Ankle Gun Holster with Mag Holster - CCW Concealed Carry Gun Holster for Over The Boot (Black)
  • GUN SPECS - Recommended for guns weighing under 25 ounces with a full magazine. Perfect for guns like and similar to: Ruger LCP, LCR, LC9,LC9s, LC380, Colt Mustang, Sig P238, P938, S&W Bodyguard, Kel-Tec P3AT, PF9, Taurus P738, SCCY, Glock 42, 43, All small J-Frame snub nose, 1911 3" barrel only, Beretta Nano, Tomcat, Bobcat, DB 380, DB DB9, All Deringer Style 2 Shot, Kimber Solo, with or withour lasers and many others not mentioned here. PLUS ONE MAGAZINE HOLSTER
  • EXCLUSIVE SECURE DESIGN - USA made by Daltech Force SafestCarry. Lifetime warranty against frayed or torn stitching
  • AMBIDEXTROUS -Can be positioned anywhere around the left or right boot. Not for bare ankle see our padded ankle holster see this listing for ankle holster
  • Carry All Day, Your Way. Be Ready and In Control and Feel Secure.
  • PRODUCT SPECS - Color: Black; Width: 4"; Length 18"; Diameter adjusts from 3" to 6"; Gun Size: One Small to medium semi-autos or revolvers. Magazine Size; One small to medium magazine.

First of all, we have a Daltech boot ankle holster. It is attached to a boot from the outside. It can stretch an extra 3 inches in diameter if required. Its exquisite side stitch keeps everything together evenin adverse situations. The ambidextrous design makes it suitable to put it on any leg, left or right. It comes in black color with an original diameter of 3 inches. The structure of the holster allows only small to medium guns or semi-auto revolvers. Arms such as Colt Mustang, S&W Bodyguard, Taurus P738, and many others can be held in this. It is not a padded holster so putting it on bare ankles is unacceptable.

Some special features:

  • This particular boot ankle holster model shows dimensions of the width: as 4 inches;thelength as 18inches and the diameter, adjustable from 3inches to 6 inches.
  • It allows a standard gun size ofsmall to medium and is perfect for semi-auto guns or revolvers weighing under 700 grams.
  • A lifetime warranty is provided against wear and tear that allows the user to exchange the band whenever the stitch is torn.
  • Hook and loop closure is present to keep the gun very secure and allowing adjustment according to the user’s wishes.


2. Homeland Ambidextrous Belt and Boot Gun Concealment Holsters

PS Products Boot 'N Belt Ambidextrous Leather Holster, Black
  • Package length: 1.7 cm
  • Package width: 14.9 cm
  • Package height: 18.6 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

This all-black product from Homeland is made of genuine leather. There is extra stitching for reinforcement around three edges out of four. The ambidextrous structure allows it to attach from both inside or outside on either leg. Since it is a belt and boot holster, it can also be carried on the belt in open. Thus, this particular holster provides us a lot of places to use it.

The material is made of soft leather which prevents unnecessary irritation against the skin. It has one single detachable clip. This clip can be changed from one side to another to change the wearing side. The structure and detaching mechanism of this clip are pretty smooth. The manufacturers do not clearly explain the exact type of arms that it can hold but it usually fits smaller guns and pistols. It is also one of the cheapest holsters available in the market.

Some special features:

  • This is probably one of the cheapest options, present in the area of cowboy boot holsters, with so many effective features.
  • The soft leather material from which this is made, allows the wearer to experience a smooth wearing experience.
  • It is believed to fit small 0.22 caliber guns and also pocket pistols.
  • The ambidextrous design enables both the right-handed and the left-handed users to efficiently utilize this.
  • The single pin can be detached and thus this compact holster can be uninstalled easily and quickly.

3. Pro-Tech Outdoors Concealed Boot Clip Holster

Pro-Tech Outdoors Concealed Boot Holster
  • Clips on your boot with Comfort.
  • Padded to protect your leg from sharp edges.
  • The Pro-Tech boot holster gives comfort to your leg while protecting your gun for concealed carry.
  • The clip can be moved from one side to the other making it for right or left hand draw.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

The Pro-Tech Outdoors concealed boot clip holster is different than the first two. Instead of leather, it uses superior quality nylon as the base material. Due to this, the stitching at the edge is even stronger as nylon is a highly resistant fabric. It is also a better breathable material compared to nylon. Thus, it provides comfort to the skin.This nylon is also very durable and does not get destroyed very easily. The inner diameter has a soft padding lining. So, it can also be worn inside the boots over bare ankles. This feature will also assist in a smoother draw and clipping.

The holster is ambidextrous in nature so the clipping is detachable. Even though the manufacturers exclusively advertise to fit the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, it fits most 9mm handguns.

Some special features:

  • The padding in the inner lining provides extra comfort and protection.
  • Available in almost all leading online retail stores at an attractive budget.
  • It can carry most of the 9 mm handguns.
  • Nylon which is used as a base materialin manufacturing this is a more durable and comfortable material in comparison to leather.

4. Gould and Goodrich Boot lock Ankle Holster

The Gould and Goodrich Bootlock ankle holster is completely black in color. It is made of high-quality genuine leather. It can only be worn above the shoe as it wraps aro4und the outside of it. The ends are attached by a Velcro lock. It also has an elastic band for better adjustments as per the user’s needs. Additional holes at the front of the band help to secure it with the shoelaces for extra protection. There is a snap retention strap at the top of the holster to secure it in an adverse situation.

This is one of the most exclusive boot holsters. Its sleek design and all-black attire are very visually pleasing. Even though it is a bit expensive than others it checks all the necessary requirements for the price value. The holes in front are designed specially so that the wearer can run for miles without worrying about the gun dropping midway.

Some special features:

  • Snap closer retention strap is more firmly bound than Velcro.
  • It is specifically designed to fit Glock 26, 27, and 33.
  • High-quality leather makes it sustainable in a harsh environment.
  • The holes for attachment keep the holster firm.
  • It is a bit more expensive than average.

5.PS Products Boot ‘N Belt Leather Holster

PS Products Boot 'N Belt Ambidextrous Leather Holster, Black
  • Package length: 1.7 cm
  • Package width: 14.9 cm
  • Package height: 18.6 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

This is another ambidextrous holster that can be either clipped to the belt like the commonly known belt holster, or inside the cowboy boots like a boot holster. It provides multiple options on how the user wants to carry this particular holster. This is not a padded holster and it also does not have a strap. Rather it has a single detachable clip. The holster itself has two holes, one on each side. The clip can be inserted on either hole based on which leg it would be on.

Being so small in size it is easily hidden underneath any type of trousers and pants. The gun can also be brought out with ease from these types of holsters. It has an open-top around the calf.

Some special features:

  • This is made up of leather and has a single large detachable pin.
  • The holster has two holes, one on either side to attach the pin efficiently.
  • It has an ambidextrous structure.
  • This provides a lot of carrying options.
  • Not very expensive.

6. Galco Ankle Glove

This holster with a glove-like fit is designed to fit only the Glock family of subcompact handguns namely the 26, 27, and 33. Just like its name it actually fits like a glove around your ankle. It has a wide neoprene band lined with sheepskin that can make the entire band comfortable. Even then, the fit is unexpectedly tight and does not let it fall easily. The leather used for its manufacturing makes it very flexible. As a result of which, this holster is highly appreciated within the law enforcement community. It has positions to attach a calf strap to further increase the stability. The neoprene lining provides additional comfort.

Some special features:

  • This is specially designed to fit the Glock family of subcompact handguns.
  • The flexible outer structure is coupled with a neoprene inner lining for extra comfort.
  • A specific place for additional calf attachment is present.
  • The tight fit provides extra stability.
  • Galco Speed Paddle Holster

The Galco speed paddle holster offers all the needed features which are essential as well as beneficial for maintaining a concealed cowboy boot gun. The elegant leather design fits very comfortably on the wearer’s cowboy boots. It is specifically designed for a quick take on and off, thus empowering this very efficiently with one of the main features in a perfect paddle holster. Thus, whether in the field of law enforcement or security or even simply carrying a handgun for personal protection, thispaddleholster from the house of Galco wins everywhere.

Some special features:

  • This good-quality leather holster is made from premium steerhide lining as a plus feature.
  • The attribute of adjustable tension in this paddle holster makes this user-friendly.
  • It keeps the revolver butt slightly forward; thus, easy handling is maintained.
  • The customized molding in this accounts for reasonable retention.
  • The trigger guard stays perfectly covered.
  • The special “Speed Paddle” techniquefrom Galco enables the wearer to quickly arm and disarm as well.

7. Blackhawk! Serpa Concealment Holster

BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Concealment Holster for Glock 19/23/32/36, Right Hand, Black
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release
  • Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
  • Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security
  • Includes belt loop and paddle platform
  • This holster will not fit polymer frame Taurus Judges

The Blackhawk! Serpa concealment holster is best in terms of tactical functionality though it tends to sacrifice a bit the usual cowboy look. This particular holster is ideal to use in overly crowded places where the firmest of retentions of the guns in the holster are needed. It is also a tad less bulky than the other Blackhawk paddle holsters.

Some special features:

  • The elegant matte finish offers great styling.
  • The special ‘SERPA’ auto-lock feature holds the gun perfectly in place.
  • Passive retention is maintained with an adjustable screw.
  • Belt loop or paddle options are available.
  • Active Retention is maintained efficiently.

8. Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle

Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle SWMP S&W M&P 9mm, .40, .45 (compact & full size), SD 9 &40
  • Maintenance Free - No need to oil, doesn't breath or sweat. Stands up to the most severe elements and can be washed out with soap and water.
  • Lifetime Warranty - All Fobus products carry a 100% Customer Satisfaction "no questions asked" policy.
  • For a Right Handed Shooter
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment system
  • Paddle Version- Attaches using a rubberized Paddle

This next holster in the list is from Fobus, which offers a sleek, simple yet handy design. The Fobus standard RH paddle is one of the supremos in terms of fast drawing, as the trigger guard of the firearm specifically meets the frame. The only disadvantage with this the printing problem for the firearm as its shape and pattern cover a bare minimum area of the gun.

Some special features:

  • Lifetime Warranty accounts for tension-free use.
  • The particular firearm rests efficiently on the trigger guard.
  • Quite a variety of gun options come with this like the Kimber 3”-5” and all the 1911’s.
  • The option for a cross-draw feature is provided which makes this a proficient one.

9.Blackhawk! Serpa Sportster

This another Blackhawk Serpa holster comes as alittle larger version of the former same-series holster in the list. This one alsocomes with a belt-loop feature that can make the weapon retention more strengthened. The retention is further benefited by the feature of clicking the gun into place which enables the wearer to a tight holding of the gun in the holster.

Some special features:

  • The special ‘SERPA’ auto-lock feature holds the gun securely in place.
  • A trigger lock is provided for a smooth release.
  • The retention of the gun comes in an adjustable form.
  • An additional belt adds extra support.


The above-mentioned types of boot holsters are all highly praised by professional law enforcement officers. Since boot holsters are usually used for any secondary hidden weapon, most of the products mentioned here are for smaller guns only. These holsters provide a concealed confidence with your gun that can be used in your work or also for self-protection purposes.